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Please find below a number of the links shown during our session:
The Mimio Studio software can be downloaded for use at home from our website. Once the software is downloaded and opened, you will need to enter the registration key (unless you have plugged in the wireless hub for the Teach or Pad). The link to download the software is below.
MimioConnect is our teacher resource site. Once an account is created, members are able to download interactive lessons and additional gallery files that other teachers have created. Mimio Connect also has other features, such as Ask A Master.
Our online training resources can be found at:
We also have a YouTube channel with additional training videos on a variety of topics. They can be found at:

Mimio Hardware and Software Reference Cards

Mimio Studio 9 PC & Mac
Mimio Studio 9 Software (Click to download)

Mimio Studio 9 Software Reference Cards for PCs


Mimio Studio 9 Software Reference Cards for Mac

Mimio Interactive Technologies Hardware Reference Cards

Mimio Vote

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