Twitter: Teaching and Growing Professionally in a 140 Characters or Less

Presenter: Ryan Wieand

Twitter Common Craft Video (3 min)
What do you know about Twitter? Why are you here? (5 min)- Mom, This is How Twitter Works

Why Twitter?- Overview (5 min)-

Create an account and get started (5 min)- How / who to follow - @thomascmurray (5 min)- Others: @web20teacher, @NHMS_Principal
Share your Twitter handle here

Twitter Time: (10 min)- My first tweet- Twitter Screenshot - How Quickly it Grows.pdf

Hashtags, RT, @: #qcsd424 (15 min)- QCSD Tech Wiki - Educational Hashtags Link- My first ReTweet (RT)- Send a message using @ to someone in the class

Twitter for PD - Video (10 min)- Phones - Show Twitter Mobile (Tweetdeck, Echophone, etc.)

Twitter in the Classroom - Refer to Wiki Articles (10 min)- How can Twitter be used in the classroom?- Parent communication- Student engagement

Twitter / Wiki Time(Remaining time)

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